Roof Storm Damage

We are the company you need when you have an insurance restoration project to complete.

Whether you live in Connecticut or Florida, roof storm damage is always a possibility. We have extensive experience dealing with weather related damage.

The first thing you should do if your roof suffers storm damage is to get it tarped and protected. Call Rising Star today to receive advice on what actions to take after a your home sustains damage

Rising Star Roofs has a temporary emergency damage service that can help you quickly and efficiently. If you’re dealing with storm damage, you shouldn’t have to worry about trying to securely tarp a roof. Our team can help you protect your home and comply with your insurance company.

Once secured, you’ll want an estimate as quickly as possible so you can file your insurance claims. We can help you be prepared by ensuring that you have everything you need. By choosing Rising Star Roofing, you can rest assured that you will never be taken advantage of, scammed, or led down the wrong path. Our business is making sure that your family is safe, protected, and happy.

If you have come through a storm but aren’t sure whether you have sustained damage, we can help you with that as well. We can come out and do a full inspection to assess potential issues and problems before they become an emergency.

Some things you can watch for on your own are:

  • Broken or loose shingles or tiles
  • Gaps in metal roofing that might let water/rain inside
  • Cracked tiles or shingles
  • Loose or dangling gutters
  • Damaged siding
  • Damaged windows

If you have noticed any of these things with your home after a storm, don’t wait. Call us today for a free estimate and emergency services.

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