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Roof Replacement: Everything You Need to Know

Roof Replacement

Are your shingles broken, cracked or missing? Does your roof leak each time there’s a storm? If you’re considering repairing your roof, consider replacing it instead.

A new roof can enhance the look of your home and add to its value. It can help to prevent leaks and make your house much more energy-efficient. Replacing [...]

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How To Identify Roof Storm Damage

Are you aware that during a hailstorm, other things besides cars sustain damage and need repairs?

Hail harms various pieces of personal property in addition to your home’s roof or exterior covering. Although hailstorms can cause damage, the extent of the harm can differ substantially. It’s possible that you weren’t aware that [...]

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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Metal Roofing, Revealed

Investing in metal roofing is not only one of the most important renovations for your home’s integrity, but it can also boost its value significantly. 

According to reports, replacing your roof can trigger an average ROI of 107%. What’s more, 33% of real estate agents say that a roof replacement can help close home [...]

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How Much Should a New Roof Cost and Why?

While roofs can last anywhere from 25 to 50 years, it is usually recommended to replace your roof every 30 years, at the latest. If you live in a severe-weather-prone area, however, you may be finding you need to replace your roof much more often. 

If you have recently experienced extensive roof damage [...]

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5 Things You Need to Know When Hiring a Bonita Springs Roofing Company

Did you know that there were more than 150,000 roofing jobs in 2019 and that the industry is still predicted to grow? With all the options available, how do you know which roofing company to pick?

Your roof is a vital component of your houses’ infrastructure, and if it fails, it could mean disaster. This is [...]

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Commercial Roofing

Commercial Roofing For Bonita Springs, FL

Is your Bonita Springs commercial building in need of a new roof or repairs? If your answer is yes, don’t panic. Finding a trusted commercial roofer in Bonita Springs, FL isn’t as difficult as you may think.

Getting a new roof on your commercial building doesn’t need to be a scary process if you know [...]

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Roof Replacement

7 Questions to Ask a Roofing Contractor in Bonita Springs

Your home’s roof is supposed to get replaced every 30 years. Depending on the climate and weather conditions, you may need a new roof every 15 – 20 years. 

When you’re experiencing signs a roof needs replacing, you need to contact a roofing contractor in Bonita Springs. Florida is one area that’s [...]

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8 Harsh Signs It’s Time to Get Roof Replacement CT

South Windsor, CT is a beautiful community. Unfortunately, it’s also home to some harsh and unforgiving weather. As such, roofs in South Windsor tend to wear down quite quickly. 

Maybe your roof is showing signs of wear and tear? Perhaps you’re wondering whether it’s time for a replacement? If so, you’re reading the right article. 


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9 of the Most Common Commercial Roofing Issues

Depending on the type of commercial roofing you’ve installed, you can expect your investment to last anywhere from 10 to 40 years. For many property owners, that sounds like a sign to sit back and relax until the time is up—but not so fast!

It’s worth noting that the life expectancy listed in your roofing [...]

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6 Questions to Ask to Find the Right Roofing Contractor for You

There are currently over 161,600 roofing companies in the US. Whether you need a new roof or repairs, you don’t want to hire the first company you come across. Instead, you’ll want to find someone with the skills and expertise for the job.

Here are the six questions you should ask when searching for [...]

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Little Known Facts About Storm Roof Damage

Our Florida roofing experts, Nick Soverns and Marcus Keilch share the knowledge they’ve gained over years of assessing damage to roofs after hurricanes so that homeowners are aware that you can’t always see all the damages.

Tip #1: Roof Damage Assessments are free, so be sure to request one.

After a hurricane, you’ll probably do [...]

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