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What to Do When a Hurricane Damages Your Roof

It’s estimated that insured losses from hurricane damage will total $300 to $600 million by the time the average hurricane season is done. Florida residents know that with every tropical storm and hurricane that their chances of having to make an insurance claim go up. 

After the Storm Passes it’s critical to assess for roof damage.

After the storm passes, it’s important to assess for damage of your home.

Be on the lookout for:

  •  Missing roof tiles or shingles
  • Cracked tiles or curled shingles
  • Bare shingles where the asphalt material has been stripped off
  • Bent or detached flashing or rain gutters
  • Check for light coming through in attic spaces or other obvious holes and water damage

Rising Star are GAF Certified Master Elite roofing contractors. You can download a helpful Roof Inspection checklist from GAF here.

It’s imperative to prevent further damage.

We will come and tarp your roof right away, as any reputable roofing company knows this is a key step in stopping additional damage after the storm. This is can also give you peace of mind that what’s under your roof stays safe while the insurance claim process proceeds. 

The sooner you move to file a claim with your insurance company, the better, as there are time limitations in Florida. This also lessens the probability of additional damage occurring long after the initial storm. 

Once the claims process is initiated, Rising Star will get to work protecting your most valuable asset. We have years of experience with repairs, restoration, and replacement according to insurance claims. 

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